Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage – Americus Restaurant

Commercial water damage was experienced at this Americus fine dining establishment when the main kitchen preparation area drain became clogged. As they so corre... READ MORE

Flood Damage – Albany Water Damage Repair

Flood damage occurred at this Albany Church due to a band of heavy thunderstorms that created heavy non-stop rainfall. The affected area was large and the possi... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Albany Home

Fire damage to this Albany home reached every room. The odor from smoke damage permeated the air. The firefighting effort left water damage. Fire damage cleanup... READ MORE

Flood damage – Americus Home

Flood damage occurred at this Americus home when a water line ruptured. The entire game room was flooded, and much of the wallboard was water soaked. When we we... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Albany Dental Office

Storm damage flooded this Albany Dental office. Gusty winds compromised a portion of the roof allowing the heavy downpour of rain to wreak havoc. The flooring w... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Albany Home

Mold damage at this Albany home began with a trickle of water behind the sheetrock. The pictures of mold damage in the before photo show how severe mold infesta... READ MORE